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Thursday Market in the South Perry District


The hands down winner for "Best Farmers' Market" in our 2010 Best Of... was South Perry. And why not? The neighborhood has increasingly turned into a very interesting area of town, with old institutions like The Shop still doing its coffee thing, and newer spots like South Perry Pizza gaining quite the following.

The market, too, deserves some attention. It's not big, but has anything you need, and is a perfect place to pick up some plants -- we grabbed tomato and pepper for our garden (and also a baby shower gift, not for the garden) -- and vegetables. In other words, exactly what you'd expect to find at a market like this.

More importantly, Veraci serves up pizza there too, and that is something we can get behind. (Although it begs the question -- should you go there or South Perry Pizza? The only logical answer is to try both.)

Thursday Market is pretty much what you'd expect it to be, and that's really all it should be. You can check it out on Thursdays, 3-6pm. We definitely recommend it. 

Update from the Veraci folks: "the market runs till 7 now. Also, starting next week 10-15 more venders will join the market (overflow into the school parking lot)"