Three worstest beer


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If not “getting” macrobrews makes me a snob, then I am fine with that. But I do understand that there are times when you have to let your Better Taster qualities go; when you have to dive into colorless, odorless beers. Here’s a recent beer trifecta I recently went through, just so you don’t have to:

Worst: Icehouse

When I was just a wee lad, I often enjoyed an Icehouse. Hey, I’ll admit it, we all make mistakes. Even I! Icehouse is an ice lager—read this if you need information abut the gimmick known as iced beers—brewed by Miller. It has a hint of flavor and nose to it, and if you close your eyes really hard and concentrate intensely, you might just feel like you’re drinking a beer.

Worster: Coors Light

We’ve all been there: You find yourself at some less than awesome concert and you just want to numb yourself down to being indifference. What do you drink? No, not PBR, that’s just sad. A pitcher of Coors Light, however, is… Well, it’s not good, it’s pretty awful, but in terms of a bottom of the pack standby, it will have to do. Get a pitcher and tune out the band you don’t care about anyway.

Worstest: Busch Light

See those pictures above? That’s me, drinking Busch Light for the first time. Do I look happy? No, no I don’t. Busch Light is awful. Don’t drink Busch Light. I have never tasted cat urine, but I imagine Busch Light being close to par with it.