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Those #SpoBREW2 teams. Part V


And so comes the thrilling conclusion of... Those #SpoBREW2 teams

Nomadic Brews: We are not sure if they actually are nomadic or not; maybe they do move according to the season in an effort to survive? That, of course, makes them dangerous -- a team brewing for survival might just have something extra up their homestitched sleeves.

SingleTrack: Is this another nomadic team, one that jumps on the single track railroads? Or do they have single track minds? Possibly both? Maybe they're simply single track mountain bikers? Either way, they sound very focused, and focused teams are dangerous contenders.

The Hop Whisperers: This could potentially be an extremely hardcore team. And not to mention somewhat creepy. Do they actually lovingly whisper into the hops's ears to make them grow faster? Well, that might be creepy, but that kind of dedication creates winners, which leaves us all even more worried.

Inland Brewers Unite: This was of course Chris's team last year, which now has been taken over by Cameron. Will the other IBUers participating accept him using their collective name? We shall see, and while we certainly don't support violence, we obviously can't help it if Inland Brewers Unite's bottles accidentally break.

And those are the teams, all twenty of them! The contest is just eighteen days away, meaning it's almost showtime. More information will come soon.