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Those #SpoBREW2 teams. Part IV


You were mesmerized by part one, part two left you in stitches, and part three had Edward walking in slow motion through the wind. Or something like that. With that, here's the second to last part of the tome known as Those #SpoBREW2 teams.

Team StrongBREW: With its roots in Strong Solutions -- a local Apple sales and services alternative to Apple itself -- we can only assume Team StrongBREW is a one-man team with great taste. Or possibly someone who brews strong ales? We will find out soon enough!

Joeandsummer: We're not sure if it's a creative avant garde team name or if Joe and Summer were too lazy to come up with something proper and just stumbled onto this. Either way: After a strong showing in the Spobrewing for the CFF event, the team is back for seconds. Will they be good enough to take it all home? We shall see.

Mulieribus Brewing: Michelle's one woman team delivered our personal favorite entries at Spobrewing for the CFF, and she might be our favorite to take #SpoBREW2 home. The lonely one man team of Berenstain Beers has scoffed at the mere mention of anyone taking his place as the judges favorite, but really, we have a feeling Michelle will send Brad home crying.

Two Hooligans Brewing: Who is Two Hooligans Brewing? We don't know! But we can assume there are two of them, and they're probably dangerous football soccer fans. It's also not a stretch to assume they're brewers. Who knows, the team might be a dark horse? We just don't know!

Stay tuned for the last four teams -- there are twenty altogether this year, unless we have some fall-offs -- and some possibly fun and probably exciting #SpoBREW2 news over the next two weeks.