Those #SpoBREW2 teams. Part III


You've read the riveting part one and two, and here is the third chapter of the saga we like to call "#SpoBREW2 Teams: An Abridged Tale".

Hops R Us: Famous not just for competing in both #SpoBREW and SpoBREWING for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, but infamous for actually not brewing hoppy beers. Hops R Us is making a third grab for the throne, and this time they're serious about it.

Smashing Hopheads: The second team to feature a Norwegian makes them the second team with a clearly superior flair. We sampled their wares during a reconnaissance mission, and our impression was one of shock and, indeed, awe. We might just have a contender here.

IDHOPS: Hailing from the dark Idaho tundras, we can only assume IDHOPS makes beer to be able to survive the cold winters. (We're not above stereotyping.) This is actually last year's Captain Hook team, which placed 10th with both the brewers and the judges. Consistent, certainly, but we assume the one man team is aiming for gold this year.

Whickerbill Studios: Little is known about Whickerbill Studios -- do they even exist?! What is a Whickerbill?! Well, we searched, and Urban Dictionary had its thing to say. There's... little to add to that; thankfully the bottles will be delivered unlabeled.