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Those #SpoBREW2 teams. Part II


#SpoBREW2 is chugging along, and August 25th is getting pretty dang close.

For those who need a reminder, this is the follow up to last year's #SpoBREW, our homebrewing contest. You can read more about last year's hoopla in our three page wrap-up post.

Now back to the teams. The first batch was revealed, and so here is the second group...

Berenstain Beers: The judges's winner from last year has had quite the shake up, with Brad tossing out Joel from the team, quite probably screaming "you're dead to me!" at the same time. Will he be able to repeat last year's success without his partner in crime, and (alleged) bribery? We shall see... We shall see. It is questionable considering he will have to face...

: The glorious Team SpoCOOL has teamed up with Joel, because, frankly, we like to join forces with a winner. (Our beer did not win last year, likely because its rich originality was so very mind blowing.) We also found the name ‽ -- interrobang -- more pretentious than &. And in the end it's all about beating Erick Doxey.

Team Border War: From the deep bowels of... some states the rest of the world has forgotten about... Team Border War is making a comeback after placing #5 with the judges and #15 with the brewers last year. Can they repeat this incredible inconsistency this year? And will there once again be peace between whatever the two states at war are? (We think it's probably Alabama and Georgia.)

Sepmachine: The man can make a mean pizza at Veraci, and is once again back here in #SpoBREW2. Already the recipient of the coveted SpoCOOL's Best Pizza award two years running, his aim is now squarely set at making the best beer. His credentials definitely make him a contender.