Those #SpoBREW2 teams. Part I


The team sign-up is moving along (stragglers, you know who you are), and what better way to celebrate this than to introduce some of the teams that will be brewing for you, the honored #SpoBREW2 guest? We give you...

&: No. Really. That is the team name. "What kind of pretentious douchebags would come up with a name like that?", you may ask, and an appropriate question it is. It will likely surprise no-one that retired glam model Doxey and beret-wearing Scott are behind this endeavor. Their original #SpoBREW entry was... interesting... and we're looking forward to see what they will be doing this year. 

Skull Rooster: One half of "The Official Tin Can Committee" is back, which is great; they made Team SpoCOOL's favorite beer last year. The question is if one half is enough to repeat the success. Or will Will crumble under the pressure to perform?

DreyerBräu: Dreyer had to pull out of the contest last year, and probably feels he has a lot to prove now. Which he does. And as many ADDY awards as he might have won for designing DOMA bags, it is clearly a scientific fact that winning #SpoBREW2 is a more difficult feat. 

The Power of Yeast Genetics: Twitter's biggest curmudgeon is back, and after a strong showing in the 17th of May potato race, he has a lot to prove. 

As for the artists, there are still spaces open, so sign up if you are so inclined.

Finally, in honor of a great season of Mad Men, let's sign off with another vintage ad which is... Well... Schlitz is clearly pure class.