Those SpiceaWAR details


Those SpiceaWAR details cover

Holy crap, SpiceaWAR is on Saturday, 3pm? At The Blue Spark? Well, that's what this Facebook invite is telling us at least, and if you want to witness the ultimate spicy food contest in Spokane, you better run over and RSVP!

So what will you see there? 

We already told you Savor Sweets will have ghost pepper pops on hand. What else? Saranac is preparing a spicy linguica sausage, pickled egg and habanero relish. Monterey Cafe is tossing in a "ring of fire" pizza. Newcomers Rex's Burgers and Brews are tossing in "the hottest wings in town"! A hot chili from Soulful Soups will be on hand. Brain Freeze spicy ice cream will be paired with cupcakes.

Can you say awesome?! And can you say "lord, those sound both delicious and painful"?!

And keep in mind: Much of the food will be sampleable for those who make a contribution to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundadion. 

Hey, with all that crazy hot food from awesome local spots, why wouldn't you want to be there?! It only makes sense, so run over to Facebook and RSVP!