Thomas Hammer, downtown


The downtown Thomas Hammer is a weird and wonderful place. Maybe firstly wonderful, seeing the barristas there tend to make some very good espresso based drinks, at least during my handful of visits.

Yet wonderful as it may be, the weird part is really what makes it a stand-out. Spokane certainly has its share of mismatched people, and for whatever reason they all seem to congregate at Thomas Hammer. Why is this? No, really, I actually want to know.

I have seen the typical Beverly Hills Hillbillies-hillbilly on television many times, but in real life, I’ve only had the pleasure twice. Both times at Thomas Hammer. The one man, in particular, fit the stereotype beautifully, particularly when he broke out in a ditty mid-sentence, in between the characteristic “hee hee hee”-laugh spurts. He looked a bit like this.

On the other side, there tends to also be a bunch of younger hipsters sitting around comparing who has the thickest rimmed glasses. I kinda prefer the hillbilly, but that’s neither here nor there.

Thomas Hammer. I don’t quite get it, but I like it.