Things to do in the cold


Apparently winter is getting ready to set in. Sucks, we know, but what can you do? Well, I'm glad you asked! Here is a suggestion for a good weekend activity, inspired by Latah Bistro's port and chocolate samplers:

Drink: Grab some port wine from Huckleberry's or Bottles or wherever else you get your libations. For whatever reason port doesn't seem to get much love around these parts, and that's kind of sad. While it doesn't have the the largest shelf presence, there are still plenty to choose from -- pick up anything from a classic barrel aged tawny port or Washington produced bottled aged pink port. Try anything in between too, it's part of the fun.

Eat: Chocolate. Main Market, Huckleberry's, and Rocket Market all have good picks of brands and varieties. The Theo Chocolate and Bread, for example, is odd but good. In fact, the chocolate can dictate the evening: classic dark is good for an ascot-style tasting; crazy peppered chocolate can kick things up a bit.

Watch: Mad Men. I mean, I'm sure you already watch it, and we're definitely late to the party, but it does go well with the chocolate and port.