Things are closing


We already knew Fraiche was closing -- last thing we heard it was to be turned into a tapas bar, but who knows what's going on with that -- but were surprised to see the Spokesman report of Rex's closing too. We can with some certainty say they made the spiciest meal we have ever tasted, whatever your opinion may or may not have been about the burger place, one that crippled many a Spiceawar contestant.

What's really bumming us out, though, is seeing Brews on Washington go. The spot was just that... A spot. A good spot, one where the glorious Team SpoCOOL won the inaugural trivia contest. Good times, and sadly they have come to an end.

You have until closing Saturday to go down there and say your farewells. Draft beers are $3; bottled beers $2 off; glasses of wine $5; bottles $18.

Some places are shutting down, some are opening. That's the circle of life, and hakuna matata, and all that -- just a bummer when the places closing actually were good.