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The 'work from' coffee shops


It's a pretty common thing, these days, to work from coffee shops. They kind of serve as your "home office away from home office". Yesterday we asked on Twitter, "What are you favorite 'work from' coffee shops in #Spokane judged on WiFI and space alone?" In other words, coffee and food quality was secondary.

Here are some of our favorite spots and favorite suggestions. Did we forget anything? Feel free to tell us which spots in the comments.

Chairs: They have a great big room, separate from where orders are placed. WiFi is free and fast, and the coffee is good to boot. This might be our favorite space, overall.

Rocket Bakery on 1st and Cedar: Says @CassieDevaney: "I like to work at the Rocket Bakery on First & Cedar - free wi-fi and large tables."

Indaba Coffee: The ever elusive @erickdoxey: "@indabacoffee isn't bad either." We agree, we like the spot and it has a nice ambiance for work.

Keaton Violet's kitchen: This might be worthwhile, just to see Keaton make coffee drinks out of his sweat and tears.

J-Walk: It's slowly turning into one of our favorite little coffee shops, and they have separate seating space, which always is good. Plus they play KZZU in the morning.

Strong Solutions: "We only have free drip coffee (Cravens), but we have awesome WiFi, cool Macs and a unique space to hang out in..." (We're all pro different solutions.)

The Service Station: If you can get past the awful coffee and creepiness factor (Fox News? Really?) the space is huge and it's a good place to be left alone. WiFi can be a bit spotty, speed-wise.

Revive Coffee: They have a small fountain. Hey, nothing says "zen workspace" like that -- it's a nice calm space to work in.

Atticus: Good ambiance with great background music and the added opportunity to overhear hiptivist conversations. Good coffee too.

Lindaman's: Nice large tables removed from the serving area.

Taste Cafe: Sturdy tables, and a surprisingly quiet space for its small size.