The #summerofsandwich, and why you should partake


Well, it might sadden you to learn that the Great Burger Chase is winding down, but then, we never said we'd try every burger in town.

Fear not, however, as we have a replacement will start June 1st; a replacement that will involve you.

During a strategy session with the man who inspired us to do Spiceavore, the Wing King, a concept came up which can be summed up with one hashtag: #summerofsandwich. And it is exactly what you would expect it to be.

This summer, you will eat sandwiches, take photos of them, and post the on Twitter or Instagram with the name of the restaurant, and the hashtags #summerofsandwich and #spokane. (The city hashtag is important, as this probably will be a national, nay, global event.)

As the summer goes on, we will gather the suggested sandwiches and post round-ups of them. Because, really, who doesn't want sandwich recommendations? (The terrorists, probably.)

It's a simple concept, and it's an informative event. And this is your chance to put Spokane on the sandwich map. Who knows, maybe the Wing King (which is starting to sound scarily similar to the Yellow King) himself will visit Spokane, just to try one of your sandwich recommendations?

So, starting June 1st: sandwich tweets/Instagrams, marked with #summerofsandwich, #spokane, and restaurant name. Be part of an event that will likely change the fate of a nation.

Updated to show the correct hashtag: #summerofsandwich.