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The #SpoBREW Classic Teams


It's in the air, the competition, the backstabbing, the accidental tipping-over-of-competitor's glasses. Oh, you pretend like you want the technical, professional information about the teams, but you're not that kind of person, are you? You want the dirt! And here it is, on a selection of the #SpoBREW Classic teams and no-teams.

Will Stone & Ryan

Will had the great honor of being the first person to sign up for the #SpoBREW Classic one year before the signup opened. We had naturally forgotten about that, and the signup was closed before he could fill in his information. Whoops. Luckily one reserve-spot was open, and Will Stone and his partner Ryan are indeed in the contest.

Brad & Joel

The most soap-opera-y of teams, Brad lost his partner, Joel, to the glorious Team SpoCOOL last year. The result? Brad jumped from being the winner of #SpoBREW to placing last in #SpoBREW2. (In all fairness, Joel didn't fare much better.) This year the team has kissed and made up, and we'll see if their winning formula will work yet again this year.

Helge Nylund

The #SpoBREW2 winner is back (through a proxy) to defend his position. Will he do it again? Probably, because Helge is Norwegian. A real Norwegian, not a wannabe. And as Norway tends to win anything (soccer not withstanding) we can probably just shut the contest down and send him the award.

Stephanie & Amy

We certainly have had female brewers in the contest before -- take that misogynist pigs -- but this is the first team to feature two female contestants. #SpoBREW is clearly a place of harmony and progressiveness, which will be proven through dirty play by all genders.

Erick Doxey & Scott Mueller

The biggest talkers of the past #SpoBREWs? They're out. Make sure to give them looks of exasperation -- particularly to Doxey, as he tends to be the one to blame for these things -- dare they show their faces at the #SpoBREW Classic.


The brewer's choice of #SpoBREW is back for one last mission, ready to reclaim his crown. This marks the first time all the #SpoBREW winners are competing, as we also have Solomon and Dana -- judge's choice last year -- making a comeback. Will any of them win the ultimate award as this year's top #SpoBREWer? Show up for the event, and you can see for yourself.

Team SpoCOOL

Us? We're out. We suck. Better to leave the spot open for someone who knows what she or he is doing.