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The #SpoBREW Classic Happenings


Hey, it's almost Saturday, and the #SpoBREW Classic really is upon us. 4:30pm. I mean, really.

So what time would be better to sum up what's going to happen, and what you'll miss (beer aside) if you don't show up? We have...

Pizza! Some things can't be reiterated enough, and if you miss out on eating Veraci, you're pretty much an awful human being. Yes, I went there. That is not hyperbole, it's the truth. Awful human being. Come for the beer, stay for the pizza. Or vice versa.

Beer art! OK, it might not be a huge exhibit, but what will be there will be awesome. Check out what some truly creative people have done with a beer theme. It will make you cultured.

Free beer! Sample the beers and judge for yourself. We'll contribute your own personal scoring sheets, you'll provide your own (possibly superior) taste. Compare your votes with the brewers and judges. Speaking of...

Pro judges! It always confounds us how we get professionals to join these things, but we'll take it. New Belgium's Ely Johnson and Joe Perilli and Kyle Sillars from Big Sky will judge. See real pros in action.

Odd prizes! We have prizes lined up this year. Are they good prizes? Of course they're not, but they're interesting prizes, and they'll be handed out in random categories.

Possible brewer fistfights! It's up in the air, but homebrewers can get a bit... edgy...

Really, it's all very simple isn't it? Anything beer related topped with pizza? Why wouldn't you want to enjoy that? Saturday, 4:30pm. Mark it on your calendar.