The True Blood drinking game

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Hey, we're in the midst of a True Blood season that's actually pretty good again, and what better way to celebrate than to partake in a drinking game! This one should work for any of the previous seasons too.

Take a shot...

... whenever Bill says "Shuckehhhh". Take two shots if it's Suki doing an impression of it.

... any time somebody drinks True Blood.

... when somebody shapeshifts.

... if Suki reads anyone's mind.

... whenever you notice characters that have visibly have aged from previous seasons, even though vampires aren't supposed to age.

... any time a vampire meets the true death.

... when you come to a realization that True Blood is more of a soap than Dark Shadows ever was.

... whenever Jason removes his shirt.

... any time a vampire sucks a human's blood. Take a second shot if it's during some freaky, odd sex game.

... when an actor clearly is following a phonetic Swedish script, and butchers the language.