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The teams, part two


The SpoBREW competition is officially full after some back and forth. "Full" is kind of a misnomer and "running over" might be a better description as we have seventeen teams competing now.

Five teams were revealed yesterday, and here are six more, all competing for the highest of accolades: the coveted SpoBREW.*

Luca Brasi

A team consisting of Erick and Scott, and it's hard to say exactly what the name is supposed to convey. Brasi was of course a ruthless killer in the Godfather saga, but he was also taken out himself. Therefore we can only assume that Luca Brasi will jump in like a lion -- plenty of Twitter taunting has already occurred -- and creep out like a lamb when they fall flat and lose the contest.

Quandary Brewing

Headed by the Masked Man, little is known about this team other than the brewer has years of experience. Beware the Masked Man and his quandary... Beware...


A late entry, Rawr is headed by Mr Spokane and Blush Response, both noted Twitter celebrities. Why would a team that has never homebrewed before be a hands on favorite to win this thing? Simple: Team SpoCOOL are joining them, taking them by their hands and guiding them through the magical forest we like to call... Homebrewing


We know preciously little about RCBC. Is the name a take on AC/DC? We don't know, but we do know that team member Jeremiah used to be the chef at Ambrosia Bistro. The other member, Scott, who knows? Again, another mysterious team.

SAC & SAL's Brewing

SAC & SAL is headed by Lars, a competitor for Team SpoCOOL in Spiceavore, famous for his chicken suit. On his team -- the Masked Man! This unholy matrimony forged in flaming steel has the making of a competitor that will instill dread and fear in the other contestants. And really, who better to beat Team SpoCOOL than a former member?

Team Border War

Mr Spokane and Ryan might be new to homebrewing, but they have battled through the Nine Circles of Hell (aka the Midwest) and come back with the ingredient every homebrewer barely dare dream about. The Holy Grail itself. Prairie Fire. Lord help us all if they choose to apply it to their brew.

* There might not be a SpoBREW accolade.