The teams, part three


And so we look at the last six teams of SpoBREW:

Team Doma

Keaton and Jim spend their days at our favorite coffee roaster, but do they know homebrewing? The team has already promised a coffee beer sticking (rather cowardly we might add) with what they know best. Of course, Keaton has one hell of a beard, and if we know anything, it's that one should never underestimate the power of a good beard.

Team SpoCOOL

Then there's the honorable Team SpoCOOL. Graceful. Magnificent. Like the powers of Chairman Mao and Richard Nixon infused into one team. Why any other teams are competing is beyond us, but hey, I suppose everyone wants to be close to Team SpoCOOL, if only to soak up a bit of our charisma.

The Official Tin Can Committee

Matt and Will head up this team which seems pretty serious, seeing it has a blog. Frankly, I think they sum up the team best themselves: "We've been practicing total domination since before we were born. Matt was trained by Ninjas, and I was raised by wolverines." Ninjas and wolverines? Wow!

The Power of Yeast Genetics

Another one-man team, this one is the alter ego of Ted. We're not sure if Ted is trying to set low expectations to get off our radar or not. But he does call his beer -- like himself -- "average at best." We shall see, as they say. 


We don't actually know what "Wilktopia" means. We do, however, know that Seth makes great pizza at Veraci, though we doubt that will help them. And who is this Super Dave? Kind of sounds like a superhero working at an office to us. Unless, of course, he's the Super Dave. Hey, props to them for trying to reach the staggering heights of Team SpoCOOL at least.


We don't know who this "Lora" person is. Maybe she doesn't exist? At any rate, she is part of a one-woman team, and good for her for that. If she exists that is. Otherwise it's just creepy.