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The teams, part one


Twitter is afire with SpoBREW as we now are two months away from the taste-off. Who will win? We will, of course, because we're awesome. What, you want to make your own mind up? Here is the first part of our team run-down:

Berenstain Beers

Little is known about this mythical team consisting of a duo of brewers, Brad and Joel. Naming their team after the Berenstain Bears might seem cute, but what were those bears really doing after the authors stepped away? All I got to say is that Sister Bear looked pretty damn blood-thirsty to me. So don't be fooled by this team's cutesy demeanor; they will rip your head off.

Captain Hook

Another mystical team, one with a more nautical flavor. If we were to venture a guess, we'd say Captain Hook is not a fan of crocodiles and probably has an evil laugh. Disney version aside, Captain Hook was actually pretty mean, and so we guess James' one-man team will be playing dirty through the contest.


Chris Dreyer was part of the losing Down to Earth Spiceavore team and we assume he has not been the same after feeling the fury of Team SpoCOOL. Will his cute little doodles seen on the DOMA bags help him win a brewing contest? Probably not, although he has also signed up for the art contest in hope of competing within something more of his own comfort level.

Hops R Us

Another one-man team, consisting of Rick. The name already suggests a hoppy entry, one inspired by children's toys. Or possibly it'll be brewed with tears from children he stole toys from? That's just mean, and I'm sure the judges won't reward a thief. A thief who steals from children. For shame!

Inland Brewers Unite

Oh, there's always one isn't there? That one guy who actually "knows what he's doing" and who is part of an organization like "Inland Brewers Unite" which cleverly is abbreviated to IBU (that's "International Bitterness Units" in beer lingo). Yes, Chris might have the mad skills, but does he have the heart of folklore heroes like Team SpoCOOL? We shall see. We shall see!