The Taco Bell breakfast

Product PlacementSpokane

Our bizarre fascination with Taco Bell continues, and really, how couldn't it, now that they finally feature a full breakfast menu. Exciting, or what?

It is, of course, all here. Anything you could have hoped and prayed for: Breakfast burritos; grilled tacos; wraps… It's pretty much identical to the regular Taco Bell menu, just modified to include eggs and sausage and bacon.

The star of the show, though, is a bit different: The waffle taco. No, really. Here we have what is just a piece of pure unadulterated genius. Somewhere, deep inside the Yum! Brands offices, one poor marketer, one tasked with the impossible task of coming up with an original Taco Bell menu item, suddenly had the (presumably acid-fueled) epiphany: a «taco» wrapped in a waffle!

And what a treat it is!

I can only assume the breakfast sausage, cheese, and eggs are wrapped in an Eggo. How is that even vaguely taco related? I don't know! All I can tell you is that it tastes like something I would have expected from McDonald's breakfast menu, and I assume that was Taco Bell's one and only goal.

In other words, it's just awful, even by Taco Bell's standards.

As for the Crunchwrap, it at least tastes like something Taco Bell would usually produce. You know, just with the addition of eggs and what tasted somewhat like a hash brown patty thrown in for good measure.

Long story short, there aren't any surprises here. It's Taco Bell. The only real difference is that this might actually be one step below the true and tried formula. 

That, of course, does nothing to quell our fascination with the place. What will they come up with next? We can hardly wait to find out!