The Spokane Dining Guide


Here at the old SFB we’re all about guides. I mean, why not, if Google is any indication, people love to do research, so why not jump on the bandwagon, right? Right? Right!

The question we often get is “where are the ultimate places to eat in Spokane?” Sometimes it comes from people new to town, other times from people who have lived here for a while, but have yet to find the gems in a sea of mediocrity. Then there are, of course, visitors.

Therefore we have decided to put together a dining guide. And when I say “we” I mean “us” as in “all of us.” Yes, we want your input! The guidelines are simple: We want only the best places, all over town, in different price classes, representing the three standard meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as late-night dining. To start you off, here are some we’ve come up with:


Fine Dining: Sante
Cheap Eats: Satellite Diner


Fine Dining: Mizuna
Cheap Eats: De Leon


Fine Dining: Latah Bistro
Cheap Eats: Pete’s Piza—The Calzone King

Late-Night Dining

Fine Dining: Rain Lounge
Cheap Eats: The Satellite

You get the idea. Some of those might not even make the final cut. Or maybe they will, who knows"½Â How many will make it under each category—and if you have suggestions for additional categories, then please go ahead and suggest them—just depends on how creative we get, as well as the amount of suggestions we get from you guys.

Be a decider and contribute your suggestions in the comments.

Update: Forget about just the “fine dining” and “cheap eats” categories—making up your own is now encouraged!