The Spokane Beer Party: in support of Philly libraries


What?! All libraries in Philadelphia are set to close on October 2nd. This isn’t hyperbole or empty threats, but cold fact. While we can’t do much here in Spokane (although there are some more info here), we can show support to our well-read Philly brethren.

How?! By joining the Spokane Beer Party! Join us tonight to drink some brews in support of the Philly libraries.

Where? When?! Tonight! At around 7:30pm at Far West! We’ll drink a few beers, and take some pictures that we’ll send over as a morale booster for the Philly librarians, showing our brotherly love.

A bit more information about the closings:

It seems slightly odd and a bit embarrassing that the sixth most populous city in the US, and definitely one of the most historically significant ones, to be closing its entire library system. The very first public library in this country opened in Philadelphia, and the historical significance here shouldn’t be lost on anyone even if they haven’t entered a library in their life.

A bit more:

We have been asked to begin to make preparations. Virtually all employees "? 575 full-time, 70 part-time, and 91 seasonals will be laid off.

As reported before, this would lead to the closure of the Library system, the Recreation Department, Fairmount Park, and the Commerce Department; and include layoffs at police and fire, limited trash pick-up, and numerous other cuts in services.