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The SpoCUP recap


Well now, that was fun, wasn't it?

Team SpoCOOL took on the SpoCUP coffee crawl pretty much straight off a twenty hour flight, which, frankly, makes it all feel somewhat odd. Jet lag plus copious amounts of coffee make you see things just a little bit differently than what you usually would.


We don't know much about numbers and all, but a lot of people seemed to be out there enjoying excellent coffee while supporting Big Table. And that's awesome. For your enjoyment, here is our shop by shop walkthrough of the inaugural SpoCUP.


The epicenter of the walk, so to speak, seeing the fine people of INDABA were largely responsible for SpoCUP. And as always the coffee was excellent. We enjoyed a macchiato and a pastry from Batch, the former being enough to get us abnormally buzzed early on.


Coeur brought out the big guns this weekend: the Gesha ran for $10 a cup, which isn't bad for this extremely rare coffee. We played it a bit more conservative ourselves with a macchiato and a cappuccino, but still got to try the Gesha, thanks to Bryan Cosby, who, the gentleman he is, shared his. We're not sure if Coeur has any left, but try it if you get the chance. I cannot remember drinking a more velvet smooth coffee. Very very good.


We haven't been to Luxe in a while, and that's too bad. It's a great space, and our cappuccino was excellent. Of course, at this point we were getting loopy enough that colors were looking a bit different, and the effects of a long flight were becoming more apparent. But hey, that's part of the fun.


We didn't go. Frowny face to us, because we like Atticus. We frankly couldn't handle more coffee, and we might have started to feel a bit on edge. 


Yet we had to go to Boots, to be part of the raffle. (Hey, we like contests!) I tried to drink a beer in an attempt to get back to some sort of neutral state, but I don't think it worked too well. Still, we won a Vans cap which we feel goes well with our skateboarder image.

So yes, we walked through SpoCUP in kind of a daze, but were happy to see a lot of people out there. Spokane is starting to "get" this coffee thing, and that can only be a good thing. Big props to INDABA for putting on this great event.