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The SpoBREWING brewers


Hey, SpoBREWING for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is happening this Saturday! 3pm! Manito Tap House! Read all about it on the Facebook invite.

So who's brewing and, more importantly, what are they bringing for your sampling pleasure? Well, you have...

Cody is bringing three ales: "Hazelnut Brown Ale" (Brown Ale with a Frangelico addition for flavor), "Greenbay Pale Ale" (Lightly hopped pale ale bittered with magnum and a slow constant addition of Willamette hops), and "Smashing Pumpkin Ale" (Enjoy a taste of Fall with a very subtle pumpkin flavor on this modified pale ale).

Joe is rocking an oatmeal stout, described as "full bodied", "dark" and around 6.7% ABV.

Bad Seed -- bad ass name -- is all about a Juniper Imperial IPA, clocking in between 7-8% ABV with three different types of hops and fresh picked juniper berries.

Michelle is bringing a "Hint of Spring Raspberry Cream Ale" -- we have been told it's not an overly sweet beer and "had there been other fruit in the freezer, it may be called something else!" She's also showing off "Big Mountain Barley Wine" which sounds intriguing.

Steve is showing off "Pompous Pale" which is described as a crisp and clean hop monster, as well as "Harvest Ale" which, while agressively hopped, also have subtle notes of spices.

And that's just some of the beers you'll see! Some ales from the former SpoBREW will even make an apperance. If you like beer, you don't want to miss out on this! Run over and look at the Facebook invite, now.