The SpoBREW wrap up: The Teams


Here is all the dirt we have on the teams.

Team Name Tasting OrderJudgesBrewers
1 Berenstain Beers 15 1 6

Sister Bear's Bad Habit Belgian IPA (submitted with a picture of the book). After several family trips to the West Coast, and despite Mama & Papa's best intentions, Sister Bear developed quite the taste for Northwest IPAs. The upfront floral, citrus & piney notes spoke perfectly to her young budding palate. Bitter was no longer just a word reserved for late night annoyances with Brother Bear.

However, Sister's bad habit was quickly found out by Mama Bear and she was shipped off to boarding school in Belgium. It was here that Sister Bear spent far more time studying the ways of the brewing monks than she did her arithmetic. In the quite hills of Belgium she found her tastes had developed to include more European essences including the sweet esters of Belgian beer.

She never quite lost her fondness for the bitter northwest hops & found the perfect marriage in a traditional NW IPA fermented with a Belgian yeast. Much to the Berenstain Family's shame, but our delight, some bad habits can't be broken.

Brad and Joel

2 Captain Hook 13 10 10

NIPA North Idaho Pale Ale, Vital Statistics, IBUs: 45 est. , SRM: 15, OG: 1.058, FG:1.014, ABV: 5.3%, ABW 4.2%, Ingredients: Pale Malt 2 Row, Caramunich, Victory malts, 10 oz. wild hops, WLP001 (yeast) cultured 4X.


3 Dreyerbrau 17 17 17


4 Hops R Us 8 11 8

Irish Stout – Like Hefeweisen w/ a little bite on back of tongue (on sides) 5seconds after swallowing.


5 Inland Brewers Unite 14 15 16

Style: Kentucky Common Ale, dark lager like beer but light, refreshing. Named SpoCommon and it was delivered by bike!


6 Luca Brasi 9 9 5

A non-pleasing stout.

Erick and Scott

7 Quandary Brewing 4 6 1

Perplexity Porter – Smooth, dark, and a little sweet. Barry White would be jealous.

8 Rawr 3 16 14

A Hint of Mango – A refreshing weißbier with just a touch of mango that takes you back to a more innocent and, dare we say, better time.

Nicole, Mike, Geneva, Remi

9 RCBC 11 2 2

Northwest Hops in a Scottish style 801.

Jeremiah and Scott

10 SAC & SAL's Brewing 1 12 4

Czech Cab Pilsner – No exploitations of vernacular. It’s good. What more do you need to know?

Lars and partner

11 Team Border War 12 5 15

Prairie Fire – An American pale ale brewed with agave nectar, and kissed just barely with chipotle and habanero.

Ryan and Mike

12 Team DOMA 2 7 7

Summer Solstice Saison – Do you believe in magic? We do, and we used it to make our delicious Saison. Close your eyes, sip and enjoy the show, while this bright and crisp burst of honey and love makes your ears tingle.

Keaton and Jim

13 Team SpoCOOL 5 13 13

A refreshing porter for those mild summer nights when you just want a beer to relax and caffeinate you.

Remi and Geneva

14 The Official Tincan Committee 7 3 3

Hot Chocolate Porter – A porter brewed with lactose, cinnamon, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.

Matt and Will

15 The Power of Yeast Genetics 6 8 11

A medium-bodied porter with aromas of malt, coffee, and black licorice, this beer pours with light lacing. With flavors of espresso, milk chocolate, malt, and black licorice, this is a beer to be enjoyed by both dark and light beer connoisseurs.


16 Wilktopia 10 4 12

Red Beard, Style: Old Ale, ABV: 6.8-7%

Seth and Dave

17 Wubrew 16 14 9

Red Daslcer Pale


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