The SpoBREW wrap up: The Art


The second part of SpoBREW was the art contest which turned out a surprising amount of cool pieces. I mean really. Had we known it'd be this awesome we wouldn't have slapped together our own "art" fifteen minutes before we ran out the door.

The 6pack Saddlebag

The most impressive entry by far was so impressive that people didn't actually know it was an entry at first. Lars, of LK Studios fame, designed the "6pack Saddlebag" which, long story short, is this...

... or to use the designer's own words:

The 6pack Saddlebag carries your bottled or canned six pack from your house or the store to your destination with ease and style. Designed to fit over the top tube of your bike, it attaches with 2 clip buckles underneath keeping the halves together and then straps around the seat tube with 1" webbing and adjustable ladder lock. This simple and quick attachment system keeps the saddlebag solid with no swing and almost no interference with your pedal stroke. When you arrive, simply unclip and carry your beer with the over-molded center handle to wherever you are headed. If you are in need of bottle opener, the 6pack Saddlebag has a stainless steel opener stitched on.

The 6pack Saddlebag will be produced in Spokane, WA by a locally owned Cut-and-Sew shop. Once we gather 50 or more interested buyers, low-volume production will begin and we are shooting for a $40.00 retail price (plus shipping). If you are located in Spokane, WA then it will be possible to pick up your bag and avoid shipping costs.

More details will be available including colors, accepted payment methods, and delivery dates within the next weeks ahead.

Please contact Lars Huschke via email at if you are interested in ordering a bag or have any questions.

Attached is another pic showing an alternate position for the bag.  This works well for smaller bike frames and/or zero pedaling interfence.

Consider us fans. 

The Winners

1. Lars' Mullet Malt Liquor

6pack Saddlebag aside, Spokane loves its mullets and brews, and Lars took home the victory for this one.

2. Chris' Art

We don't have photos of Chris' art, but will upload them as soon as we do. (Chris, feel free to e-mail them to We'll also have some of the coasters he made and passed out on hand for IBU's meet-up today, 6pm, Brews on Washington.

And the rest

Here are some of the other entries submitted. Artists, send us your images if you want them posted here.

Chris Allison Becky Brandon (was not on display, as it was submitted too late) Crystal Jessica Jessica Lars Paul Remi Will

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