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The SpiceaWAR Challenges


The SpiceaWAR Challenges cover

So, it's really happening. Tomorrow, 3pm at the Blue Spark, you'll see Spokane's best-ish and brightest-ish give it all to conqueor SpiceaWAR. Oh, it won't be pretty, but that's how you like it, isn't it? You feed on failure!

And as for the challenges, they are listed below, though they are not 100% fleshed out yet. Get to the event to witness the real deal and a few surprises! (There's a scoring system in place too, but it's... complicated... and still in its final stages.)

Speed Trial: The players will wolf down a spicy Philly cheesesteak.

Bonus Round 1: Eat insanely hot Peeps for extra points.

Trivia Round: With a ghost pepper sucker in mouth, the warriors will have to answer trivia questions. Don't know the answer? Get ready to eat the Ring of Fire pizza.

Bonus Round 2: Spicy jell-o shots for extra points.

Buffalo Pong: We split into teams, competing in the time honored tradition of beer pong, minus the beer, plus hot wings.

Bonus Round 3: Apple cider vinegar shots for extra points.

Hot Sauce Pudding Balloons: This is something Chris Dreyer came up with, inspired by a Christina Ricci movie (possibly Now and Then). Here we have to fill balloons with spicy pudding using our mouths. The heaviest balloon wins.

The Last Supper: A five course meal consisting of Bloody Mary, spicy cupcakes, chili, sausage w/picked egg and habanero relish, and a spicy ice cream with a side of coffee.

Again: How could you not want to witness this?!