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The Snow White and the Huntsman drinking game

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Two hours of Kristen Stewart? You bet you'll need a drinking game.

Take a shot whenever any of the following happens...

... every time a character from or reference to another fairy tale is made.

... every time Kristen Stewart slips up on her accent.

... you notice there are eight dwarves. I will repeat: Eight -- 8 -- dwarves. What the hell?

... every time the fairy tale rule of three's and seven's are broken.

... when you wonder why there are two Snow White movies out at the same time.

... every time the Huntsman's face is shown in slow motion.

... you wonder why the dwarves -- possibly all eight of them -- aren't played by actual dwarves, but rather "regular" sized actors. (All respect to Nick Frost, but Warwick Davis he is not.)

... you ask yourself why you didn't watch Prometheus instead.