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The Service Station


The Service Station cover

I'm writing this as I'm drinking what will hopefully be my last espresso beverage at the Service Station. Over the past three months I've frequented the spot due to circumstances beyond my control. Need a coffee spot north of the Y and south of Deer Park that stays open until 9pm? Yeah, that's the Service Station, a win, of sorts, by default.

This is not a good coffee shop. Everything that possibly could go wrong here does. The coffee. The baristas. (Though bless them, they're very friendly.) Fox News on the TV. So on, so forth.

I suppose I can see the point of studying at the Service Station, large as the space is, but after seeing a girl using Wikipedia as a source for what I can only assume was a paper, I have to conclude that not even the students here are particularly good. (Present company excluded, of course.)

Of course, the coffee should be the litmus test, and the Service Station fails with flying colors. It's more often than not burnt and bitter, and not even the most generous pouring of milk -- and they are generous, overly so -- can hide the atrociousness they try to pass off as coffee. Seriously.

Are there any redeeming features? I thought I heard "Eye in the Sky" playing on the stereo, but that turned out to be somebody's ringtone.

So, no.

Unless you want to be left alone, there's nothing to the Service Station. Nothing but bad coffee, Bill O'Reilly, and Whitworth students looking like they'd want to be some place entirely different.