The Remington Steele drinking game

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The Remington Steele drinking game cover

The movies have Citizen Kane, books A Tale of Two Cities, and television? Remington Steele, no doubt about it. The international thief turned faux-PI, how can you go wrong with that premise? Answer: You can't.

A classy, suave show like this needs a fitting drink, so it's time to break out that Pimm's again, although tea seems strangely appropriate too.

  • Drink every time Steele references a classic movie.
  • Drink every time an episode involves an eccentric millionaire and/or a street-tough thug.
  • Drink every time Laura Holt and Remington Steele do mix business and pleasure.
  • Drink every time Henry Mancini's original slow theme is played. Warning: This will leave you blitzed pretty early on.
  • Drink every time Henry Mancini's more pop-y theme is played. Same warning applies.
  • Drink when you've figured out there only are two musical cues in this show.
  • In episode 1.03, "Steele Waters Run Deep," take a drink every time there's a North by Northwest reference. Warning: This will leave you blitzed. 
  • Drink every time Stephanie Zimbalist looks outraged over Pierce Brosnan having taken over the show's limelight. This happens more frequently in later seasons.
  • Drink every time Pierce Brosnan looks outraged over being contractually bound to the show, when he'd rather be the next James Bond.

Make tonight a Remington Steele night!