The Psych drinking game

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If you're not watching Psych -- five seasons are available on Netflix -- you're missing out on something awesomely great. And you don't want to miss out on anything that's awesomely great, do you?

Here's our drinking game to make the show even more awesomely great!

Watch three episodes, then keep a count of how many times you've hummed the theme song before watching the fourth one. Take a shot for each count before watching the fourth episode. (This will likely knock you out.)

Take a drink every time you see a pineapple in the show.

Sip something whenever Shawn says "delicious".

Throw back one for every 80's pop-culture reference you spot. 

Make it two if the reference involves LA Law.

And a third one if Corbin Bernsen makes the reference.

Imbibe for every 80's actor the show digs up for a guest starring role.

Take a second shot if he or she is the villain.

Drink every time you remember how awesome Corbin Bernsen's cameo on Seinfeld was.

Chug whenever Shawn comes up with a fake name for Gus.