The new Domino's pizza


Oh no, they didn’t. They might claim that they did, but they really didn’t.

Not that I can blame them for trying, of course, seeing that Domino’s, when ranked on the pizza-o-meter, would end up somewhere around here…

... and that’s on a good day. But now they’ve changed! Or so they say. Cheese made of real cheese! Garlic seasoned crust! A “boss” sauce with a “red pepper kick!”

It’s all B.S. of course. I mean, really, if you think this pizza tastes any better than the old one, then you might as well participate in Taco Bell’s Drive Thru Diet. The crust is for the most part the same cardboard crap you’ve come to know and love to hate and I can barely remember the cheese. The only noticeable difference from the old pies is that it feels a little bit spicier. In other words, Domino’s now saves you the trouble of having to open one of those small packets of red pepper they used to give you with the pie. Thanks!

Look, I’m not against the typical “fast food pizza.” Pizza Rita and Pipeline have their place, both in the market and in my heart. But Domino’s is just crap. Seriously. Don’t go there. Avoid.