The Mad Men drinking game

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The Mad Men drinking game cover

OK, so season five might be at least six months away, but what better time to go through the previous seasons with our Mad Men drinking game? Our admiration to those managing to stand up after one episode of this...

  • A swig of cheap red wine (preferably from a gallon size bottle) every time Betty makes a bad parenting decision. (Approximately eight times per episode.)
  • One shot of bourbon every time Roger Sterling (John Slattery) deadpans a line. (A good three to fifteen times per episode, depending on the season.)
  • One shot of Campari every time Don says or does something sexist/racist/otherwise politically incorrect. (Frankly, you'll be floored after half an episode.)
  • A glass on Tanqueray every time Roger puts shoe polish on his face. This only happens one time (so far), thus a glass seems appropriate.
  • A sip of Heineken every time a drink is mixed in the office. (Pretty much once every scene.)
  • A mouthful of Old Fashioned (prepare beforehand) every time a cigarette is lit. (Every character, all the time.)
  • A sip of sherry every time Pete Campbell does something that will eventually backfire. (A frequent occurrence during the first few seasons; less so later in the show.)
  • A shot of Scotch every time Don's past interferes with his work. (Frequency depends on the episode.) Two shots if they lose an account over it.

Good times will be had by all during this game. At least for the first five minutes of an episode.