The Killing Drinking Game

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A remake of the Danish crime series, Forbrydelsen (literally translates to The Crime), The Killing managed to stay interesting until the last episode of the first season when they... Well, it'd be unfair to say they jumped the shark, but they came close.

Season two kicked off a few weeks back, and they're still trying to make up for messing up the storyline. Sitting through it now might well be more tolerable with the addition of this drinking game: 

Take a shot whenever Sarah is on her way to leave for California and then turns around. Do a second one if it pisses off here fiance.

Drink every time a scene clearly is not filmed in Seattle.

Imbibe whenever a character wears something that's just too stereotypically Pacific Northwest. Take a second shot when you realize the portrayal is actually accurate. Finish with a third one when it hits you just how depressing that is.

Drink when somebody utters a racist comment. Do a follow-up drink if a racist action follows the comment.

Throw one back whenever Sarah's son is being a brat.

Take a shot every time Sarah suspects Holder of being a crooked cop.

Take a sip whenever they arrest the wrong killer.

Drink whenever you think "I don't really care who killed Rosie Larsen." Finish the bottle when it reminds you how much you miss Twin Peaks.