The Inlander's Best of 2013


So, here we are again. Another year, another Inlander poll, another rant of frustration from us, and... What happened here? I mean, really? Were the votes cast erroneously? Has Spokane become so detached they have started voting with a smirk of irony? Were there printing errors? Was this a fake list with the intention of riling us up? Will the actual list be printed next week?

Many questions, in other words, and we can realistically only assume the voters are in need of some sense of direction. You know, getting back on the righteous path. And we believe you can help them. In fact, you already have.

We took a look at spots you voted for in our Best of '12, as well as your current scores, and compared them to some of the more egregious choices in the Inlander poll.

Best Pizza: They said Pizza Rita; you said Veraci

Fair is fair, and the more level headed voters did go for Flying Goat, Bennidito's, and South Perry, but who looks at the runner-ups? Nobody, and therefore it is a crime against humanity to see Pizza Rita top this. Go with one of the runner-ups if you want a good pizza, but if you want great pizza: Veraci it is.

Best Mexican: They said Azteca; you said De Leon

Or Guerrero. Or Tumbras. You sure didn't say Azteca, Rancho Chico, or Casa De Oro though, and bless you for that.

Best Breakfast: They said Frank's Diner; you said Italia Trattoria

Spokane really needs to learn that a train car does not improve the quality of what they're served. Italia Trattoria might be located in a boring, old building, but their breakfast is awesome.

Best Italian: They said -- I kid you not -- Tomato Street; you said Italia Trattoria

Good grief...

Best Local Drive-Thru Espresso: They said Dutch Bros.; you said "get out of the car"

Wow. One thing is Dutch Bros itself, which is... Well, Dutch Bros, but wasn't this supposed to be local? Of the many places in town that serve good coffee -- granted, you'll have to get out of the car -- the recommendations tend to fall on Coeur, Revel 77, and Indaba. (This goes for "Best Local Coffee Shop" too.)

Best Fine Dining: They said "we don't really like food"; you said Sante

Clinkerdagger? Oi... Sante is just one actual alternative (of an almost infinite amount) better places, of course. You have the Wild Sages and Italia Trattorias and Clovers and... Well you get the picture. Life is too short for Clinkerdagger.

We could go on and vent about this, but really... What is the point? I guess, more than anything, it's good to be reminded that those who vote in the Inlander polls of the world represent only one portion of Spokane. And that is OK; at least they care enough to complete the ballot.

But. We do reserve the right to be annoyed with the results. And we do reserve the right to remember the many people in our area with excellent tastw who don't vote in these polls. Some of them even take the time to vote in our Best of's -- this year we'll be drilling down in the details, so make sure to keep up with the local scene -- and posts. Thanks to those who do, as you make us believe in humanity.