The Hunger Games drinking game

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You know, why should bourgeois TV shows and movies have drinking games when books are left out in the cold? Why must we hate highbrow literature so much? Highbrow literature, like... The Hunger Games!

Here's a small game to make the books even more entertaining:

Take a shot everytime Katniss plays with Peeta and Gale's oh-so-fragile hearts.

Imbibe when a decadent meal is described in detail. Take a second drink if you actually go eat something after reading it.

Drink every time Haymitch drinks. Then be plastered midway through the chapter in which he is introduced.

Take a sip of something whenever you think "Peeta" is the dumbest name you have ever heard.

Drink whenever you think Woody Harrelson really will be pretty awesome as Haymitch in the movie.

Throw one back anytime a tribute dies.

Tale a shot whenever you try justifying liking the book because it's so much deeper than Harry Potter; this has politics in it!

Finish the bottle with each book. Hey, there are three of them.

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