The Great Reasons to Live in Spokane Project


Last week we posted to Twitter: "A list of reasons to live in Spokane doesn't exist on Google. What are your reasons to live in Spokane? We want suggestions for a post." Seriously, type "Reasons to live in San Francisco" into Bing, and you'll be caught in a wave of results. Even Coeur d'Alene comes up with relevant hits. Spokane? Our tweet, some generic job postings, and reasons not to. Not cool.

Many responded to our Twitter request, and you can see a list of reasons to live here below. 

Now we want to take this to the next level: Our challenge to you is to create a list of reasons to live in Spokane, then post it to your blog. Don't have a blog? E-mail and we will post it here on your behalf. Let's get the content up by the time spring comes and let people know why Spokane is okay! We will post our own lists on SpoCOOL.

If you feel compelled to make a difference and take our challenge, please let us know where you posted your list. 

Now, the tweets:

Keaton Violet: the people.

Bart Mihailovich: It's a stupid motto but it's true- Spokane is near SO MUCH nature! + the airport, ease of travel in and out, proximity to Seattle, Portland and Montana and we get all four seasons here (sometimes)

Daniel Walters: Cost o' livin'.

Caleb Ingersoll: It has amazing potential. I love cities that I feel I can actually make a difference in.

Barry Geraghty: In SF right now. Makes me long for Spokane's lack of traffic/relatively sane drivers.

FakeSpokanePlow: We can plow the entire city in less than a week!

Ryan Pitts: There's not a restaurant in town that won't serve you seared ahi.

Laura: Exactly how I feel. RT @calebingersoll: @SpoCOOL It has amazing potential.I love cities that I feel I can actually make a difference in

Spokane Books Blog: It's a "city" of 200k with a lit festival, an int'ly renowned run, its own symphony & jazz orch, & an int'l film festival.

FakeSpokanePlow: Some of our local TV stations use spellcheck.

Erick: climate, geography, lack of massive population, proximity to all things outdoors, safe...

Kennet Bertelsen: Summer sunshine w/o the humidity, cheap golf, The Swamp, little traffic, affordable houses, 17 wineries, oh and my job is here

Joe Petrilli: incredible access to recreation, small town pace with big town culture, affordable, centrally located in NW, seasons, neighborhood commercial districts, geography, it's entrepreneurial, the spokane river,

Jared Frank: How 'bout championship 2nd-tier sports programs, Gonzaga basketball, best pot holes in the West?

David Blaine: You don't have to drive somewhere to go for a bike ride. #liveinspokane

Kipp Ashford: One word: Microbrews.

Jamie Lynn Morgan: RT @kickashford: @SpoCOOL One word: Microbrews.

Cameron Gorma: this is so rad, I was just saying yesterday that Spokane needed something similar to

Samara Hanks: We have a great University - Gonzaga! #gozags

Becky: politically diverse pple to argue with, work out while drinking events (FBC & Running Irish), Asian health spas! was kind of kidding about Asian Health Spas. I do love how we are "conservative" w/a bit of sex (like People's Park).

Mike Tigas: Missed this yesterday. Why Spokane? Best/worst city name portmanteaus. (You would know.) #spokanistan #spokompton #spokanversation