The great bowl-off, DTE vs SFB


The boys over at Down to Earth, Bart and Paul, do not like food, and what better place to have a throw-down over our differences than the arena where differences are settled: Cheney Lanes.

DTE was represented by Bart and Paul—a man who by own admittance spends most weekends alone at the lanes with his ball and a bag of burgers from “The BK”—and SFB by Unknown Neva and myself. The first round results:

  1. Unknown Neva (SFB)

  2. Paul (DTE)

  3. Bart (DTE)

  4. Remi (SFB)

As we can see, SFB kicked into the spot we’re used to be (#1) while DTE Paul’s nerves got the best of him, putting him at a meager #2. Come round 2, however, and things would be kicked up all over the place:

  1. Paul (DTE)

  2. Remi (SFB)

  3. Unknown Neva (SFB)

  4. Bart (DTE)

With a mighty 119, Paul trumped us all and scored the best score of the night. But overall? It was a wash, really, as when it’s all added up, DTE and SFB ended up equal.

So was it all for naught? Not at all! Stay tuned at the old SFB for a contest announcement this week, where both us and DTE will participate. And so can you!