The Gossip Girl drinking game

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Hey, Gossip Girl, or as we like to call it, America's Downton Abbey, is back on! Squeal like a little girl, and take part in our Gossip Girl drinking game!

Take a drink when...

... every time you wonder why you're watching the show.

... whenever Gossip Girl sends out a mail blast.

... when underage drinking occurs.

... whenever a derogatory remark about Brooklyn is made.

... Chuck wears an ascot.

... you wonder why the actor who portrays Chuck, Ed Westwick, even is on the show. He seems way too good for it.

... whenever somebody other than Gossip Girl calls Dan "Lonely Boy".

... when somebody slaps somebody.

... whenever Lily screws over one of her kids.

... whenever a character that clearly has left the show is referenced.

... Kristen Bell's voice over reminds you of how good Veronica Mars was. Take an extra shot if you turn on that show instead.