The first June update


SpoBREW is a hair more than a month away, and the competition is heating up. Earlier this week Team SpoCOOL did an on-site inspection of The Porch, our gracious host for the event, and we were impressed. Very impressed, in fact.

Not only is the space really cool, the guys and gals behind the Porch are also growing hops outside. We're a bit torn over this. It does make the sidewalk area look nicer, but seeing they're using the hops in their SpoBREW... Will this give them a leg up on us?

Anyway! The space is large and the acoustics are awesome (they're planning on using it as a concert venue more, which makes perfect sense) so we're expecting the Porch-hosted event to be pretty awesome. 

As for the teams, they're all firing on all cylinders. All except for Team Border War that is, which still hasn't started brewing. Are they going to be the first team to bow out? The team that doesn't have what it takes? It is well known it consists of Starbucks enthusiasts and therefore we expected their brew to be inspired by Bud at any rate. Time will tell!