The Donald Trump Twitter Drinking Game

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Do you follow Donald Trump on Twitter? No? Well, we don't blame you, but his self-indulgent, bizarre tweets really do lend themselves well to a drinking game.

Take a shot...

... whenever he quotes himself or his books.

... for every mention of how horrible wind power is. Take an additional shot if it's in context with his golf course in Scotland.

... for every mention of a person and/or media outlet he feels has wronged him. Double the shot for every consecutive tweet about the subject. Triple if, in his opinion, the outlet is dying. Quadruple if Rosie O'Donnell is somehow involved.

... when a tweet about himself includes the hashtag "#midastouch".

... whenever he tweets about how poor the Republicans are at negotiating. Do a second shot when he mentions how they should have taken lessons from him.

... every time both "Celebrity Apprentice" and "record setting" are mentioned in a tweet.

That's pretty much all he tweets about. In fact, just finish the bottle when you finally un-follow him, because, good lord, the man takes narcissism to a new level.