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The Craigslist Stalker


No, not that kind of stalker; this is the friendly, helpful kind.

Some of you find the Liquor License Stalker useful for discovering what's going on about town -- any spot applying for a liquor license will show up there -- and we have been working on a couple of related pages when we're not too lazy not to.

The first one semi-ready to see the light is Craigslist Stalker. Here we scan Craigslist for pertinent keywords, and display the hits in a table for your browsing pleasure. And really, there's some interesting stuff out there!

For a mere $55,000 you can pick up the hot dog stand in the Home Depot. Or if you want your very own skywalk cafe, you can have that too. Shell out $250,000 and you can own a sports bar in Coeur d'Alene. The list goes on.

Craigslist Stalker is in beta mode right now, so don't come crying if something breaks. But for now, stop wading through a bunch of hits you don't care about on Craigslist, and go stalk!