The Coconut


We're having a love affair with the coconut as of late, here at Team SpoCOOL. And why not? It might be an imposter (seeing it's not technically a nut) but it tastes damn good, can be used in cooking in a variety of ways, and replaces less healthy options to boot.

Here are just a few uses we've been into lately:

Coconut water: This is simply the clear liquid inside the coconut, and, somehow surprisingly, it's the perfect replacement for sports drinks. I kid you not. All respect to Gatorade for hooking athletes on syrup, but coconut water is higher on both electrolytes and potassium, with only around 60 calories per serving. And it tastes good too. Mix it in a smoothie or fruit juice, and it really compliments the flavors.

You can find various varieties across town, from Huckleberry's to Fred Meyer to COSTCO.

Raw macaroons: There are quite a few recipes online, but if you jet over to Fresh Abundance, they have some damn tasty ones there. I'm not particularly over the moon about the raw diet thing, but certain things taste better raw, and macaroons -- at least these ones -- are prime examples.

Coconut "sugar": This is a sugar replacement, and an excellent one at that. It's not cheap, but put it in some fat separated from coconut milk, whip it slghtly, and you have a cream that is both delicious and fresh tasting. Available from Huckleberry's.

And finally, any mix of coconut and chocolate... You can't go wrong. 

Respect the coconut. We're fans.