The CFF round-up


Wow, seriously, you guys! Our Cystic Fibrosis Foundation fund-raising has come to an end, and we couldn't be happier with how well it all went. Throughout the past few months we've put on various events with the help of both individuals and local businesses that truly gave it all to support this worthy cause.

And therefore, we'd like to thank the following for donating to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!

Blue Spark: They were our super gracious host for SpiceaWAR, an event that really helped us reach our goal! Blue Spark always have a great tap selection, and you're clinically insane if you are a beer hound and haven't visited them yet.

Big Sky Brewing Company: Provided prizes for both SpiceaWAR and SpoBREWING for the CFF. Prizes meant excitement. Excitement meant donations! Their Powder Hound is currently our favorite winter ale too.

DOMA Coffee: Coffee was a central theme to the final SpiceaWAR challenge, and nobody provides better coffee than DOMA. But you already knew that. Their mugs were also awesome prizes and are great to drink from.

Dreyer Press: Designed kick-ass programs and posters for SpiceaWAR.

Brain Freeze Creamery: Another ingredient to SpiceaWAR was the spicy yet delicious Brain Freeze ice cream. A crowd favorite.

Fremont Brewing: Provided beer for SpiceaWAR, and it was delicious too. Try their IPA, it's excellent

IBU: Homebrewers are always a fun bunch, and Inland Brewers Unite was instrumental in making SpoBREWING for the CFF happen.

LK Studios: Sold the amazing 6pack Saddlebag at SpiceaWAR and donated proceeds to the CFF. What do you mean you haven't bought one yet? Do so now!

LuLu's Jewels: Sold jewelry at the Whitestone Winery event, donating proceeds to the CFF. The owner here is also a CF pharmacist.

Manito Tap House: Very kindly provided space for SpoBREWING for the CFF, even in the midst of a hectic start-up period. We like their food a lot, and with 50 taps, how can you go wrong?

Monterey Cafe: Provided pizza for SpiceaWAR, with slices sold to benefit the CFF. And it was a really tasty pizza too, with an appropriate name:"Ring of Fire".

Nectar Wine: Part of the sales of bottles were donated to the CFF over a weekend at this excellent tasting room.

Pyramid Brewing: The perennial favorite provided beer for SpiceaWAR. Check out their winter ale, Snow Cap, it's like Christmas in your mouth.

Red Bull: Provided prizes and beverages for SpiceaWAR. Big thumbs up to their rep who actually dared to sample the insanely hot wings in the contest.

Red Couch Bistro: Baked habanero cupcakes for SpiceaWAR and sold them in support of CFF. I quite enjoyed the cupcakes myself, and wish I hadn't been so full by the time their turn came in the contest!

Rex's Burgers and Brews: We are fans of this new spot, and their SpiceaWAR hot wings truly lived up to their label as the hottest thing anyone has ever made ever.

Saranac Public House: Not only did they provide a great meal for SpiceaWAR, they had a Facebook special where their Brain Freeze Creamery ice cream dessert proceeds went to CFF!

Savor Sweets: Our friends at Savor Sweets hooked us up with suckers to sell at SpoBREWING for the CFF, where the proceeds went to the CFF. A large bag of them was also given to a CFF auction. Furthermore, they made insanely hot ghost pepper suckers for SpiceaWAR. Savor Sweets's products are good. Very very good. Very very very good. Pick some up next time you hit Chairs (or anywhere else).

Soulful Soups and Spirits: They cooked up a nice chili for SpiceaWAR. Hey, it's snowing outside; that's a good excuse to try some soup and spirits, right?

Spike's Phillys:They provided excellent sandwiches with habanero salsa for SpiceaWAR. Check their phillys out, they're quite tasty.

Steelhead Bar & Grille: The downtown spot donated gift certificates to a CFF auction. Did you know they have hot buttered rum right now? Yes? Then go get some!

Tacos Tumbras: Sold tacos at SpiceaWAR. They're also still one of our favorite taco places in town.

Team Rawr Photography: Took awesome photos at SpiceaWAR! Expect to see more of them here soon.

Whitestone Winery: Whitestone put on a first class event with wine and a raffle, and donated proceeds to the CFF. Huge turnout with people enjoying excellent libations.

Numerous individual donors and Craigslist purchasers! You're all awesome!

So, seriously, thank you to all of these fantastic businesses! Hopefully anyone who reads this will consider supporting them, they truly deserve it. 

During the fundraising period a breakthrough drug was made. One that could significantly improve the quality of life for a portion of people with cystic fibrosis and pave the way for the development of additional drugs that will help others who have the disease

And! It's not too late to donate! Run over to our donation page and consider supporting this worthy cause.