The Bulldog for wings


The Bulldog for wings cover

The Bulldog has entered its 2.0 phase with its barbecue, but how do the hot wings stack up? Pretty well, actually, and the Gonzaga bar should be a stop for any wing afficianado, even though near-by Northern Lights is in a different class. This is above average bar-wings at least.

I'm getting tired of just having Frank's thrown over some chicken -- it takes about a minute to do that at home -- so points to the Bulldog for a sauce that goes with their barbecue theme. It's smokey and sweet with a bit of a kick to it. Not too much heat, and there's no spiciness rating either, but enough kick to give a mild tickle in the back of the throat.

I like the flavor of the sauce. You will recognize it immediately if you've ever had the Bulldog's barbecue before. It has a nice depth to it, and would probably go equally well on ribs as on chicken. It gets a bit sweet toward the end, however.

In that sense the wings should probably be shared. Not because they're too spicy, just a bit too sweet.

Sadly, too, the wings are served with ranch dressing. I do not get this obsession the Northwest seems to have with ranch. It's the ketchup of the dressing world.

But yes, overall I like these wings, although they wouldn't be my first choice from the Bulldog's menu. Try 'em out if you're a wings-head.