The Bulldog


There was a lot of crying while rolling around on the floor, dry-heaving, when Lazy Bones closed. I mean, why not? Good barbecue is a rarity around here, and we felt we were well within our right to react that way.

Now Lazy Bones' particular brand of barbecue has been resurrected at The Bulldog. The Bulldog. This is still blowing our minds. Think the Bulldog, and you think rivalries between them and Jack & Dan's, which undoubtedly were over who sucked the worst.

The Bulldog does not suck anymore. With the quality of the barbecue they have now, how could they?

Now granted, the menu is not as large as Lazy Bones', and the tofu still hasn't made its way back. Anything that is there, however, is pretty friggin' awesome. The smoked pork sandwich, for example, is exactly what it should be. Meat with a perfect bite to it, in a nice round barbecue sauce. There's nothing crazy about it, nor should there be. Just great pork.

The slaw? Again what you should want it to be. It's not drenched in the dressing, which is mainly there as a mellow flavor enhancer. Brilliant stuff. Mac & cheese? Hearty and tasty. Cheese fries? Hard to go wrong with french fries in cheddar cheese, but the actual fries here are excellent in their own right.

You know what to expect if you ever visited Lazy Bones. Just excellent barbecue. The Bulldog's tap selection might not be the greatest in town, but a handful of good brews have made their way in there.

So hey, The Bulldog, who would have thunk it?