The Breaking Bad Drinking Game

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Breaking Bad is without a doubt the best show on television right now -- with all respect to Eric and his newfound emo ways on Twilight True Blood -- and it gets better with each episode. The science teacher diagnosed with terminal cancer who gets entangled in a web of meth manufacturing is a darkly funny scenario filled with tense drama.

And something like that does, of course, lend itself to a drinking game!

Take a drink every time Walt gives Jesse a stereotypical teacher speech about meth manufacturing ("you need to apply yourself!").

Take a swig of beer every time Walt kills someone.

Take an additional sip if the victim is killed indirectly from Walt's actions. (Run through season three, and you'll be floored.)

Finish the bottle if the victim dies indirectly from Walt's cold blooded actions. (There's a difference!)

Take a shot every time Jesse utters some variation of "beeatch".

Take a shot every time Walt has to replace his windshield.

Take a swig of beer every time Hank says something racist to a Mexican.

Have a drink every time Walt lies to his family. Have a second one if it's a transparent lie.

Take a shot every time Walt Jr. wants to distance himself from his father's name.

Drink every time you catch yourself thinking "And I didn't think Bryan Cranston or Bob Odenkirk could get more awesome than they already were!" or "Dr Tim Whatley was a great Seinfeld character."

Take a drink every time you see an actor who previously appeared on Seinfeld.

Take a shot every time Bryan Cranston parades in his tighty-whities.