The Bates Motel drinking game

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Making a prequel TV show to Psycho might not seem like a great idea, and it probably isn't. That's why Bates Motel works -- it's (presumably) a prequel to Norman Bates becoming what he is in Psycho, but it is not a prequel to the movie. Rather it's set in a modern times alternate universe. And... Well, it all works very well, and made even better by our drinking game!

Take a shot...

... when there's obvious sexual tension between Norman and his mother Norma. Take an extra shot for every shudder you experience with it.

... whenever Norman has a hallucination.

... when an actor from Lost appears.

... for every clear reference to the original movie. (Shower shots, musical cues, etc.)

... for every obvious change from the original movie. (Location being in Oregon as opposed to California, Norman having a brother, etc.)

... when you smugly tell people you read the original book.

... whenever Norma has a jealousy fit over one of Norman's female friends.

... whenever you wonder what all these girls see in Norman. Take an extra shot when it occurs to you it might only be happening in Norman's head.

... for every character killed, maimed, or otherwise injured.

... every time Norman calls his mom "mother".

... whenever Norman has no recollection of his actions.

... and finish the bottle if you recall ever watching the made for TV movie with the same name, starring Bud Cort.

Trust me, you'll be blasted fifteen minutes in. Bates Motel airs Mondays, 10pm on A&E.