The Arrested Development drinking game

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The Arrested Development drinking game cover

The most important day since... Well, pretty much the most important day ever is upon us. A day so important the federal government has declared the following day a national holiday. May 26th is when Arrested Development returns to Netflix, and what better way to watch it than partaking in a drinking game at the same time?

Take a drink when...

... someone utters a catchphrase. ("Come on!", "I've made a huge mistake", etc.) Take an additional drink if it's a variation. ("I've made a huge tiny mistake", etc.)

... Tobias makes an unintentional double entendre.

... there is a reference to Peanuts.

... Lucille drinks.

... anyone winks.

... "The Final Countdown" plays. Take a second drink if it's the church organ version.

... someone blows the rape horn.

... there is a reference to the Cornballer.

... Lucille says something about Lindsay's weight or nose.

... someone dances the chicken dance.

... a measurement of time is off the standard 5- and 10-minute increments. (Hey, it happens surprisingly often.)

... anyone acts selflessly.

Make this weekend an Arrested Development weekend!