The American Horror Story: Asylum drinking game

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The American Horror Story: Asylum drinking game cover

Best show on TV right now? The ultra stylish, ultra surreal American Horror Story: Asylum. Some might say the show doesn't make a lick of sense, with a story running through every sub-genre of horror possible, and they might be right about that. And for them, we have this drinking game which... Well, it might not make the story any clearer, but maybe it'll make it more mind altering.

Take a drink when...

... Sister Jude Martin punishes a patient. Take a second shot if it's physical punishment. Take a third one if it's surgery.

... Bloody Face kills someone.

... you can't help yourself from rooting for the possessed sister Mary Eunice. Take an extra shot if you wonder if you'll go to hell for doing so.

... Sister Jude Martin gets plastered.

... the Angel of Death kisses someone.

... one of Dr. Arden's "experiments" are seen or heard. Take an extra shot when they kill someone.

... Sister Jude Martin gets frisky.

... a new person is revealed to be a Bloody Face copycat.

... an alien abduction occurs.

... fragments of sister Jude Martin's sordid past comes to light.

... there's a flashback or flash-forward.

... you really don't understand what the hell is going on.